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Dear Customer,thank you for choosing an original GATTONI product 100%Made in Italy

made with the latest generation industrial systems in full compliance with the most restrictive international standards.

Handcraft high quality finishes

The GATTONI Rubinetteria S.p.A. finishes are the result of high quality handcraft made within our factory under high care and quality processes. Any difference in brushing, color or shades are not to be considered as defects, but a unique feature of the product.

 Cleaning and care instructions

ALL THE FINISHES MUST BE cleaned daily and/or after every use only with water, natural liquid soap and dry with a soft cloth in order to avoid that the water drops present on the product cause the formation of limescale deposits and irreparably damage the product’s surface.

NEVER USE chemicals and anti-limescale products, alcohol, detergents, abrasives, solvents, acid substances (muriatic, hydrochloric, formic, phosphoric, acetic, etc.), ammoniac, acetone, bleach, household acids, several disinfectants, pads and/or abrasive, coarse and/or metallic sponges that could irreversibly damage the product’s surface.

AVOID contact with personal care or chemical products, materials for building constructions (cement, adhesives, etc.), lubricants and sealants (glues, silicones, etc.).

AVOID the product’s installation in non-ventilated rooms with:

  • high fumes of chemical products drying (glues, silicones, etc.),
  • vapors of various kinds,
  • fumes coming from drained siphons,
  • acidic atmosphere,
  • high salinity values in the air.

ATTENTION: maintenance and cleaning not made adequately and continuously, use of not recommended cleaning products and failure to comply with the above requirements voids the warranty on the finishes.

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