The Gattoni Rubinetteria brand is today synonymous withMade in Italy design and exclusive quality all over the world.

In over sixty years of existence, it has been able to establish itself on the national and international scene of the industry, developing prestigious collaborations with qualified designers, signing efficient products with an unmistakable style.


By improving processes at all stages of production, Gattoni can produce taps that encourage responsible water consumption management.

Through the careful choice of suppliers, raw materials and workers, it also reaffirms its commitment to the environment and the supply chain of the partners with whom it deals, right up to the end consumer.


ISO 9001 certification and the approvals obtained from the most important certifying bodies give Gattoni’s products the seal of quality that is the basis of the company’s philosophy.


Gattoni's entire production process takes place within the company's own factories, with a constant focus on quality and environmental impact.

Sustainable innovation

Gattoni Rubinetteria has adopted guidelines to protect health, safety and the environment to be already today – and continue to be in the future – increasingly prepared, innovative, cutting-edge.


80% of the company’s total energy needs are covered by a state-of-the-art photovoltaic system: all production machinery and lighting are powered by self-generated energy, drastically reducing costs while emitting very low CO₂ emissions into the atmosphere.


Each stage of the production process is constantly monitored. In particular, the chrome plating phase in the galvanic bath takes place according to a system – the PWP (Pure Water Process) – that inhibits the release of toxic metals, such as lead or nickel ions, into drinking water.


BLUEWAVE® is a new, fully lead-free alloy that complies with the latest lead content regulations and is environmentally friendly.
Each production batch is accompanied by a certificate of analysis attesting to its conformity.


The new cartridges, the tap’s small beating heart, optimise consumption and avoid unnecessary overloading. Flow reducers at the end of the spout save up to 30% water. All soft rubber components and fittings are manufactured from non-toxic polymers.


All Gattoni packages are made of cardboard, an easily recoverable and recyclable material. Inside, to protect the tap during transport, there is a sponge packaging, which has replaced the previous polystyrene packaging.

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