About us

Gattoni rubinetteria is one of the most valued brand of the italian north west area.
Founded in the 50s by Pietro Gattoni in its sixty years of business Gattoni Rubinetteria has established itself nationally and internationally in the industry, developing prestigious collaborations with qualified designers, signing efficient products with a unique style, all based on respect for the environment.
Today the winning corporate strategy in this sector is the focus on the sustainability of products and production processes: the Green Attitude of Gattoni Rubinetteria is at the basis of the philosophy behind the entire production process.

Gattoni rubinetteria new headquarters

New headquarters and administration area

In its sixty years of business, Gattoni rubinetteria renews its headquarters and complete the works in 2014, a prestigious goal that tells us of the long history of a company well rooted on the territory, within the most important Italian district of sanitary taps and fi ttings.
To celebrate its first 60 years of activity, the firm presents a new company image on the market: a more modern and stylized logo and a brand new pay off “Water In Love”, a direct invitation to fall in love with water, a precious resource we have the obligation to protect.

Gattoni rubinetteria Green Attitude

Green Attitude

Gattoni rubinetteria's company strategy has been focusing on green themes by improving and modernizing the processes of all manufacturing phases.
That is why our taps can be identified as environmental-friendly for their innovative functions aimed at proposing a responsible management of water consumption.
An additional element supporting such a foresighted attitude is aslo the choice we make of our suppliers, who are selected among those that offer certified raw materials, processed by highly professional and specialised workers, coming from the most important italian taps and fittings production district, located on a territory characterised by a healthy quality of life.

Zero emission

Low emission of CO2

Alzo's headquarters employ an efficient photovoltaic system capable of providing 80% of the energy requirements.
All production machinery as well as the entire lighting system are fed by internally produced energy with a drastic reduction of costs and very low emission of CO2 in the atmosphere. The ultimate generation system extends over a 1.400 sq. m. surface and is composed of 880 modules and 7 inverters.

Gattoni Rubinetteria Research & development

Research & development

Qualified engineers take care of the development of new products, starting from the ideation of the design to the creation of the finished product, using modern three dimensional and parametric design software and photo rendering, assuring a fast and accurate prototyping conforming to the market’ requirements.

Gattoni rubinetteria analysis lab

Analysis lab

The Analysis Laboratory realize internally all the mechanic and technical tests necessary to develop the new products, to get the certifications and to control constantly our high quality standards in production.

Gattoni rubinetteria certified raw material

Certified raw material

Selected raw materials according to increasing attention on the environment health as BLUEWAVE®:
a new unleaded alloy fully complies both with the most stringent European national regulations about the presence of lead inside alloy;
DIN 50930-6 in Germany, DM Health 6 April 2004 174 in Italy and Arrête May 29, 1997 in France;
California and Vermont laws NSF certified according to U.S. standard reference for materials in contact with drinking water.
The use of this new alloy can rely on the antibacterial properties of copper alloys, ensuring clean drinking water and stopping the development of germs and pathogens.

Gattoni rubinetteria torneria-turning


Latest generation machineries and robots, a modern production organization following the Lean Manufacturing rules, an internal development of electronic production programs and a qualified staff permit to obtain flexibility and the highest quality standard.

Gattoni rubinetteria polishing lavoration


Modern and technologically advanced robots take care of the grinding and the polishing of the products, granting high quality standards and the surfaces’ uniformity.

Gattoni rubinetteria galvanic


The use of the best galvanic products into the market, the application of a Nickel thickness (between 14 and 15 micron) and of a chrome thickness (between 0.25 and 0.30 micron) and the application of the most high standards controlled by the external international Laboratory Galvano finish permit to obtain high quality finishing and to increase the life expectancy.

Gattoni applies on the whole production the PWP® Pure Water Process system, the innovative galvanic process which permits to limit the release of nickel and lead into the water, making the Gattoni product safe for the health and for the alimentary use, conformed to the most important and strict international standards and normative.
The Gattoni galvanic process is a “closed cycle” process in order to fully respect and protect the environment.

Gattoni rubinetteria painting lavoration


The application of a paint thickness (of more than 20 micron) and the use of the best products and treatments present into the market permit to obtain high quality finishing and to exceed the 300 hours saline mist test.

Rubinetteria Gattoni assembly


Qualified staff assemble and test the whole Gattoni production through quality control machineries, developed internally on the base of the characteristics of our production, before that the products are enclosed in our boxes.

Gattoni Rubinetteria shipping warehouse

Shipping warehouse

Goods’ availability following the market needs, flexibility and care into shipping preparation and modern assembly technologies permit to assure a fast and accurate service to our costumers.

Gattoni rubinetteria mechanic's workshop

Machine workshop 

On the western shore of Lago d’Orta, at the foot of the steep rocky cliff, overlooking the Sanctuary of the Madonna del Sasso, in the early years of 2000, an industrial facility was built, equipped with a workshop for machining.

Semi-processed products for sanitary taps are produced in our workshop.
Gattoni rubinetteria has expanded over time thanks to ongoing investments in high-performance production systems to become an added value for the company’s internal production cycle.